Best Prices in the area. NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED unless its a custom build


1 Sack Cooker Medium Duty $499.00 (Limited production item July to December. Built to order)

2 Sack Cooker Medium Duty $640.00 (Limited production item. July to December. Built to order)

1 Sack Cooker Heavy Duty $720.00 Propane

2 Sack Cooker Heavy Duty $920.00 Propane

Must have 3/4 inch or bigger supply line. These are built to order.

1 Sack Cooker Heavy Duty $800.00 Natural Gas

2 Sack Cooker Heavy Duty $1,000.00 Natural Gas

Wheels (2) 8 inch rubber wheels never go flat. Steel hub with ball bearings, .

Mounted on one side of the cooker $35.00

Aluminum Paddle $20.00 (only included in the heavy duty models)

Free Pick up in Port Arthur Texas.


Business Shipping $135.00

Shipping to any Southeastern Freight terminal $135.00

Residential Shipping $265.00 and up. Please give us your zip for quote.

Shipping is done thru 18 wheeler freight, not UPS nor FEDEX,

Cookers are shipped fully assembled on a pallet and weight about 120 lbs with the pallet.

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