About Us..

  It all started when we wanted to start making our own specialty tools and specialty parts for watercraft racing. We started out inside a small shed. Some machinist skills along with one brother's self taught welding skills, we started working together. Little by little, with just word of mouth and quality at the top of our priorities, business started growing.


Along the expansion of the business the two brothers took on the roll full time . We love what we do, we love spending time with our family and making new friends. Our customers are whom have helped our company grow. We continue to explore new ways to grow our business and innovate high quality products into consumer's hands. Buying local material and just keeping everything local.

We offer the best prices around by maintaining a tight quality control to avoid scrap parts and being vertically integrated, one main role is the use of solar energy, we own it. It's used to manufacture our products therefore we are able to pass the savings on to our customers.

We are involved in our community. We focus our support on local schools only, because we feel education is the foundation to a brighter future.


We are a Christian company and we strive to live biblical principals in our personal lives as well as our business.

Quality and on time delivery is what we strive for on our products.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.