Common Questions

What does it cost to ship my cooker?
Normally for a business or a LTL freight terminal it costs $155.00 to $189.00
Residential shipping ranges from $190.00 to $360.00
All cookers getting shipped will incur a $50.00 crating fee to cover labor and lumber materials.
How is the cooker shipped?

Cookers are crated and shipped via ground freight.

Orders must be placed by calling or emailing, there are details and questions we ask to make sure the cooker will fit your needs and if there is any special requests being ordered.

If you choose to get your cooker shipped please allow and additional 3-4 days for crating after cooker is completed.

Shipping quotes do not include liftgate, if you want additional liftgate services for residential commercial contact us during quote. Once shipped services cannot be added.


How do I place an order?

Orders must be placed by calling or emailing, there are details and questions we ask to make sure the cooker will fit your needs and if there is any special requests being ordered.

Once order is place what to expect?

Once your order is placed there is no further action required, you WILL NOT lose your spot. We encourage customers to be patient during the crawfish season if you placed your order and we will be in touch once order is complete.  You do not need to call after order is placed, we secured your position and will complete in the order it was received.

Is there any assembly required?

No assembly is required. Just rinse the cooker, fill with water and start boiling.
Natural Gas Customers
Please make sure you have over 4lbs of natural gas pressure and your home/facility has the required pressures to operate this large burner. 260,000 btu's. We are not responsible for natural gas cooker not heating fast enough if you ordered one and you do not have the required pressures.
Why are your prices drastically different from competitors?

Our prices might be different in a lower form because we have been doing this for close to a decade and we buy our raw materials in large volumes directly from the mills. We are vertically integrated and no work is outsourced. We also control quality and take our time building each cooker so its right the first time and no scrap parts are made. We value the work needed to earn your dollar. 

What are the care instructions for the units?
We recommend washing the cooker with dawn soap and a terry cloth rag right after each use. Leaving the salts and seasonings in the cooker without movement causes the molecules of salt to attach to the the surface and start to eat away. NEVER allow any cooker to sit for overnight with seasoning inside of it. Always at least rinse it out if you cant wash it, right away. After washing the cooker store with lid open to it can dry out. You can also spray WD-40 on the outside to protect it even further from stains.
Warranty Information
We offer a lifetime warranty on our cookers. Here we will thoroughly explain what is covered and what is not, because no one likes surprises. 
Stainless tag must still be installed on lid for warranty to be granted, each cooker has a serial number.
Cookers are fire tested and water tested before being released to customer.
All cookers are checked to make sure welds, components and fittings are tight.
Your warranty will cover defects that pertain to: Broken welds, defect of craftmanship.
We will fix/exchange it at no charge.
What is not covered, examples, bent lids, bent legs abused or negligence towards product, damaged baskets. 
Wheels and Regulators are not covered.
Pitting of bottom of cooker or basket because water and seasoning were left overnight.
Modifications done by the customer are not covered under warranty we will not fix it, if you modify it.
Melted pots because no water was used or oversized regulator was installed.
For questions send us an email with pictures and we can assist you.